French girl living in Spain !
I practice some sports since I'm young : handball, horse riding, skiing, snowboarding and hiking for pleasure.

Personal information

Name: Florence
Lastname: Bernard
Sex: Female
Age: 24 (February, 1994)
Hometown: Mazan, France
Current residence: Manresa, Spain
Nationality: France
Languages: English, Spanish, and French

Technical profile

Height: 164.0 cm (64.57 inches)
Weight: 65.0 kg (143.3 lbs)
Dominant Hand: Right


Team: Club Handbol Santpedor (Sènior Femení)

October, 2014 - Present (over 4 years)

Division: Es 4th Division

Role: Left Back

Jersey number: 9


Team: SC Mazan Handball (Première de PN)

September, 2001 - July, 2012 (almost 11 years)

Role: Right Back

Jersey number: 9

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