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The world of sports has been one of my passions since early age: athlete, PE teacher, professional of PA and health, coach, sport developer, lecture.
Now creating SportyCrowd to help the sport community connect better and improve chances of success.

Personal information

Name: Bàrbara
Lastname: Tàpia Vall
Sex: Female
Age: 31 (January, 1987)
Hometown: Santpedor, Barcelona
Current residence: Santpedor, Barcelona
Nationality: Spain
Languages: Catalan, English, and Spanish

Technical profile

Height: 161.0 cm (63.39 inches)
Weight: 53.0 kg (116.84 lbs)
Dominant Hand: Right


Team: Club Handbol Santpedor (Sènior Femení)

September, 2003 - June, 2014 (over 10 years)

Division: Es 4th Division

Role: Centre

Jersey number: 9

I used to play in the fourth Spanish division (called 'Primera Catalana')

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