About Us

SportyCrowd is the platform that connects the sports world. Our main objective is to help amateur players and teams connect with each other and push forward their careers helping them achieve their goals.

Whether you are an athlete, a physioterapist specialized in sports, a brand or part of a team or club, we help you make contacts, promote yourself, track your progress or just keep in touch with your mates. Posibilities are endless in SportyCrowd.

Who We Are

We are sport and tech lovers who wants to change the way we understand sports by connecting people, sports and technology. Everything started back in 2004 with an small forum and blog about Handball among other projects and evolved to what's today with bigger ambitions and dreams.

Meet the Founders

Bàrbara has been always involved in sports, education and children. She studied two degrees related to sports (Physical Education and Sports Science) plus a master in Sports Management. After finishing her studies was offered to lecture Sports Science and be part of the Master in the same university.
Jordi is the tech guy and another sports junkie. He played Handball for almost 16 years starting in his hometown on the lowest regional league to playing semi-professionally in Germany. A part from that managed IT at Airbnb during it's expansion in Europe.

Our Values

Our values are really important to us and for our company success as we want to be aligned, work together and approach our work as one. Our desicions, actions and goals are defined following this simple principles that will allow us be great at what we do.

Transparency as we have to be open to our employees and users.

Simplicity as we don't like burocracy, heavy processes and talking for nothing.

Equality because we believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities.

Work With Us

We are looking for passionate people who wants to change the world with sports and technology but we are still small to pay for your talent. We’ll do our best to find a way to have you onboard but meanwhile if you are willing to help us anyway feel free to say hello!